About me

I introduce myself, I am Susana Castro :
A passionate about empowerment

I want to connect with you through my story:

I spent many years looking for solutions through others, and over time, I understood that the power lies within me.

My path began when I got certified as a Yoga Teacher in 2012, by the International Yoga Federation in the Integral Yoga method.

Later, I continued my training in the United States, adding 500 hours at the Ignite Wellness school with the parameters of the Yoga Alliance.

Later, in 2014 I decided to emigrate to the United States, and here I began a new journey, I delved into the power of the Sacred Feminine, I expanded my knowledge about Kundalini Tantra Yoga, Menstrual Blood, Lunar Cycles and their Feminine Archetypes, Uterine Memories , Sacred Sexuality and Family Constellations .

I invite you to embark on this wonderful journey of self-knowledge and healing with me.

I will support you throughout the process of discovering your inner power once the journey has begun and I will accompany you to achieve your goals at different levels, we will walk together, through 1:1 sessions.

Are you ready?