Holistic Coach
Healing of Wounded Children and Child Trauma

Welcome to this new journey!

I congratulate you for being here and taking an interest in improving your life.

The first step is always the most difficult but it is also the most important, from now on don’t stop!

Your inner wisdom is waiting for you and I will help you find it.

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How will my therapies help you?

  • You will improve your mental, physical and emotional health.
  • You will have more empathy with yourself and with others.
  • You will understand many personal processes that you have experienced that seemed to make no sense.
  • You will go straight to the root of your behavior patterns.
  • You will understand the system of beliefs and patterns so that you begin to make decisions for yourself.
  • You will get out of repeating patterns.
  • You will break the barriers of your limitations.
  • You will learn to feel sure of yourself.
  • You will become more aware of your autonomous qualities.
  • You will know what your blocks are and how to overcome the barriers.
  • You will expand your perception and those memories that do not allow you to have greater expansion options.
  • You will stop reacting to situations, you will choose your behaviors before reacting, which will allow your performance to be better at an interpersonal level.

Advantages of my therapies

The schedules are flexible and adapt to your availability.
You can do it from anywhere since our meetings are via Zoom or WhatsApp video.
I will accompany you and advise you throughout your entire process. You will never be alone! We can maintain contact through Whatsapp for your accompaniment.
My therapies combine well-being on all levels: Emotional, physical and energetic (if you want to go deeper).
It is very practical, in a minimum of 3 sessions you will see radical changes!
If you don’t feel comfortable after the first session, your money will be returned without any problem!


People around you will perceive the difference, the tranquility, that adulthood in you!