Do you feel that you do not have a defined life course? Have you not found an answer in other therapies?

Begin to feel happier and freer, letting go of the obsolete patterns with which you were configured as a child and that no longer serve you, but that you continue to apply unconsciously.

Transpersonal Coaching is ideal to find your answers!

What is?

It is a process where I teach you the tools you need to train and achieve all the goals you set for yourself.
In addition, it is a therapy that will help you understand problems from the root and overcome everything by understanding everything from its initial cycle.

What's your objective?

Help you find the engine of your life, that will give you a permanent sense of your personal or work life.

How can we do it?

Through 1:1 sessions

How many sessions should I do?

Recommended is 3 sessions.

Duration of the sessions?

About an hour.

What are we going to discuss in the sessions?

Learning about perception, domestication, programming from 0 to 6 years of age for survival.
Recognition of our place with parents and the family system to understand our learning and data.
We will talk from orthonoia to metanoia, passing through paranoia (crisis, transformation).
We will experience the concept of limited consciousness to access unlimited consciousness (internal intelligence that we do not know).
We will recognize habits, belief systems and their endless cycles.
We will stop believing and understanding that life is based on the simple, clear and effective.

The people around you will perceive the difference, the tranquility, that adulthood in you!