Holistic Coach
Healing of Injured Child and Childhood Trauma

Do you feel that you do not have a defined course of life?
Have you not found an answer in other therapies?
Do you constantly feel nervous and worried?
Do you think that the triggering situations in your life cannot be solved?

Begin to feel more and more content, freer, letting go of the obsolete patterns with which you were configured as a child.
and that they no longer serve you, but that you unconsciously continue to apply them.

Healing Trauma is the path to an authentic life!

A holistic approach to healing the childhood wound addresses:


In the physical body are recorded the experiences that generated trauma in childhood.
It is not only a cognitive experience, but also affects the nervous and digestive systems.
By being able to inhabit the body, our nervous and digestive systems can be relaxed, which are deregulated as a result of trauma.


In childhood, the child copying and learning from all the experiences and relationships with their caregivers, going through events that generated trauma, led them to a state of survival, which results in hypervigilant, anxious and fearful adults.

Within the sessions we can re-program the brain and thus allow the change of perception and find the peace and tranquility that you long for.


We walk on this earth with a physical experience, but many times our physical body does not allow our soul to express itself in this experience, as a consequence of what the child needed: a sense of belonging, to be loved and to stay alive.

You will be able to rec-know yourself, find your voice, feel that you are coming home.

How are we going to make it?

Child Wound Healing Coaching Package

$ 300

Package of 5 online sessions.
At the end of the purchase you will receive an email with the link to schedule your appointments.